Open-source Software Categories

Metrica Labs can recommend, configure, enhance, debug, and optimize software in all the major open-source categories.

Operating Systems

In the early days of UNIX development, programmers using it inside of companies sometimes wondered how people using the system without source code access ever got anything done. How else would you ffigure out what the manual really should have said. Or to fix bugs. Or build in enhancements you need. Now, with open-source operating systems you are not dependent on the vendor for fixing your problem. You have the means to fix it yourself. Or to adapt the software to new uses, provided the license fits.

To take advantage of this, however, you need to have expertise. That's where Metrica comes in.

Typically, one of these systems will be suitable for any application, all derived from UNIX:


Metrica Labs can set up, build, and tune database solutions using:

Web Services

Examples of open-source Web server software packages include

Content Management

A local Sydney CMS product called MySource Matrix has become very popular with Australian government and other large users.

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